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Episode 14- Vietnam, The C.I.A. and the Propaganda War with Douglas Valentine

May 17, 2021

Douglas Valentine is an author, investigator, journalist and poet and also a perfect L.A.L.O. (Life And Life Only) guest since his work and life are a combination of seeking the truth about potentially dark areas of life while promoting self-development and a spiritual centre through his poetry. In this information-packed conversation, we mostly focus on Vietnam and the C.I.A, the latter being the subject of Doug's latest book, but there is a wider discussion about propaganda methods used and honed through the ages and up to the present day. The conversation is top-and-tailed with clips from two comedy legends with insights on how the world really works. A link to Doug's website can be found below

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Doug's main website

Carl Bernstein's famous essay on the C.I.A.'s influence on the media

George Carlin- 'The Owners of the Country' (extended version)

Bill Hicks- 'It's Just A Ride'






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