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Episode 16- Black Mirror ‘Nosedive’ review and deep dive

June 17, 2021

I'm joined by Harry from the 'Harry's Moving Media' you tube channel to discuss in depth our collective favourite episode of the classic Charlie Brooker-conceived 'Black Mirror'. Since 'Nosedive' was created, we've seen China introduce a social ratings system but could it happen in the West? (or has it already?). We go more or less scene by scene to dissect the obvious and subtle elements contained within and then offer some advice as to how we could all prevent a 'Nosedive' reality (links to Harry's work below).

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Episode links

Harry's you tube channel and original 'Nosedive' analysis video  (Twitter- '@harrys_moving')

clip from Charlie Brooker's AntiViral Wipe (Covid )



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