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Episode 28- An Uplifting Conversation About Depression

April 28, 2022

In what will hopefully be an inspiring edition of the podcast, documentarian Simon Weitzman joins Antony to talk about depression (and hope) from a variety of angles. We talk about some of our own experiences and then look at this thorny topic from the perspectives of creativity, diet, sleep, technology/social media, music, comedy and the importance of perspective itself. We also give book & other recommendations and discuss various coping mechanisms. There are a few audio clips in here to complement the conversation, featuring contributions from Stephen Fry, Matt Haig and John Lennon


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episode links

Simon's upcoming film about the Beatles and fandom-

Matt Haig's excellent and inspiring book 'Reasons To Stay Alive'

Stephen Fry's 2-part BBC documentary about bi-polar disorder

An overview of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

Professor Green talks about depression (various talks)

Some Tim Vince comedy skits (guaranteed to make you chuckle)




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