Life And Life Only

Episode 7- Alternative Information and Everyday Propaganda with James Corbett

March 17, 2021

James Corbett of the Corbett Report joins me to discuss a number of topics around the theme of alternative information and how to combat the propaganda, both intentional and in some cases unintentional, that is all around us. We discuss how we came to have non-mainstream worldviews, how a global conspiracy can and provably has happened, our experiences in Asia and how we can all change the world in our own way every day. After all that, we end the talk with a few minutes of talk about a band we're both rather fond of!

James's extensive work over the last 14 years can be found at

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'The Quigley Formula' lecture

James's appearance on 'The Mind Renewed' in 2013 about the global government structure

Rob Ager on how we can all 'vote' with our everyday actions

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