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Episode 9- 10 Rillington Place Truth & Fiction (Part 1 of 2)

March 25, 2021

In a sinister change of pace for the podcast, Antony hosts a discussion of the famous '10 Rillington Place' murder case, which includes critiques of the various books and film and television representations of the shocking events in this tiny house in a run-down area of West London in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as speculation on who really was responsible for the tragic and much-debated deaths of Beryl and Geraldine Evans Lending their expertise and insights are Jonathan Oates, the author of 'John Christie: Biography of a Serial Killer', True Crime historian Lindsay Siviter and John Curnow, writer of ‘The Murders, Myths and Reality of 10 Rillington Place’, details of which are on his website

Further links to our work:

A link to Jonathan's Christie biography Lindsay's Tour Guide profile

Antony and Jonathan's 2013 unofficial commentary on the 1970 film '10 Rillington Place'

you tube version of this talk

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